Canterbury Tales Rap

(Posted 1/21/08 by Kirk)

So, my friend Jon Wilkerson comes to me and says,

"We should put a video online of us rapping the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. "
And I say to him, "You mean similar to what you, Nate and Deshawn did for your show, WordPlay, back in 1995?"
Jon replied, "Yeah, but more produced. I think there's a huge cross-over audience between the Middle English literature fans and Hip-Hop fans. "
"Of course there is." I said, "It shouldn't be too hard. We could make that happen in just 6 steps"


The 6 Steps to This Plan

#1. Track down Deshawn to give us a third person, since Nate is in N.Y.C.
#2. Get Darren to record a backing track for us to rap over.
#3. Memorize the General Prologue in Middle English.
#4. Make a kick-butt recording with some slick give-and-take rapping.
#5. Get together and videotape a lot of cool lip-synching.
#6. Have Kirk edit it all into a video, post it on YouTube, get lots of hits, and bask in temporary internet mediocrity.


After completing all 6 steps, we're finally done!

So, here it is.

A funky-nerdy video that should take awards at this year's Literature in Hip Hop Awards.

If you want an MP3 of this fantastic track, you can download it here.


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