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Eric's new creation - The SpinCycle.

Finally! Someone recorded Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as a rap and made a video!

Dlaw's new Break Dance podcast. Feed---> More to come.

A NEW photo of the Denver skyline.

Kirk and some friends make an award winning short movie, "Aria Next Door" and it's on the new Video page.

How Much Is Inside Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

Everybody Pees!

Burning Things!

Darren says "throwing down some work".

The Life of a Bar of Soap

Dave Navarro vs. David Navarro

Help with one sheet of TP

Updated! - Leprechauns at the Museum.

The Case of the Missing Money

Red Yak is upstaged BIG by just after we modified the Mentos and Cola Experiment.

The Mystery of Fla-Vor-Ice vs. Otter Pops

Rob and Kirk discuss the camera work on The Bourne Supremacy.

A bumper sticker for our times.

"The Cut" performed at Freak Train

Jango Fett and Django Reinhardt compared.

Rube Goldberg and The Way Things Go.

The AutoPod!

Red Yak Doppelganger

Why you never saw the original "Fever Pitch"

Funny Scores

Someone Else Doctored Darren's Photo

An odd vending machine

"Everybody Pees!", the landmark children's book by Jon Wilkerson. Read it or download it.

Darren Gets His Teeth Knocked Out!

Burning Things! Our video section where we burn things!

Kirk rips off for "How Much Is Inside Cookie Dough Ice Cream?"

A page full of photos of the same photo of Darren's dreadlocks, doctored in Photoshop.

Ugly cars.


Chris Lawless

Put my show and this player on your website or your social network.

Links for people who have short attention spans.

I moved the ones that were here for a long tome to the Links page.

Is Semapedia the future of Web interactivity?

I like this guy's encyclopedia of English Usage Errors.

Check out all the user-generated videos for Modest Mouse's new single.

I've been worried about when to spell it "disc" and when to spell it "disk". Word Maven to the rescue.

Do you need to learn to do tricks with your pen?

I love bridges, so climbing the Sydney Bridge sounds like a lot of fun.

OK, fine, so you want to contact us?

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